Labs & Worksheets

You have weekly lab sessions supporting COMP1721 (and several other modules). Labs are scheduled for

Note that these are optional 'drop-in' sessions; there is no need to attend if you are having no difficulties with the work.

You can use the lab sessions to do the weekly exercises or the coursework. We have also provided some worksheets for you to do:

  1. Setting up version control Essential
  2. Review of useful Git commands
  3. Developing with a Java IDE
  4. Using Git in an IDE
  5. Introduction to C++
  6. C++ classes

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you do the first worksheet as soon as possible.

Worksheets 2, 3 and 4 are optional; you only need to look at these if you need a reminder of the important Git commands or if you wish to use an integrated development environment for your programming in this module.

Worksheets 5 and 6 deal with topics covered at the end of the module. Note that you won't be expected to do C++ programming for the COMP1721 coursework but you will be using C++ in next year's modules...