Exercise 6: A Small Class

Create a file named Circle.java, in the exercises/ex6 directory of your cloned repository. In this file, define a class named Circle, to represent circular shapes. The class should have the features shown in the following UML diagram:

UML representation of Circle class

Name your field and methods exactly as shown in this diagram, and do not add any other fields or methods to the class!

The constructor of your class should initialize the radius field to the supplied value. It should NOT do any checking to see if this value is sensible or not.

The area() method should return the area of the circle, computed using the radius field. The perimeter() method should return the circle’s perimeter (i.e., its circumference), again using the radius field.

Now create another file, named CircleDemo.java, in the same directory as Circle.java. In this file, define a class named CircleDemo, containing a small program that creates a Circle object and then calls the methods getRadius(), perimeter() and area() in turn, displaying the values returned by these method calls. The radius for the circle can be a hard-coded value or it can be input by the user, either via the command line or by prompting for input and using a Scanner to read it. The choice is yours!

Here’s an example of possible program output:

$ java CircleDemo
Radius    = 4.5
Perimeter = 28.274
Area      = 63.617

Go to Submit My WorkExercises 6-10Exercise 6 in Minerva to submit your Circle.java file for grading. You can improve your solution and resubmit as many times as you like until the deadline. Also, don’t forget to commit all your work (i.e. both files) to your Git repository and push those commits up to GitLab.